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In 1989, many Americans were disturbed to hear allegations that football coaches and game officials in a small, Alabama town had fixed high school football games. Though disturbing, many representatives said that it was not altogether surprising. Illegal sports wagering and local bookies are all but expected in such areas.
The Local BOOKie, Conway, New Hampshire: Rated 4.8 of 5, check 18 Reviews of The Local BOOKie, Bookstore.
Betting professionals also sneak in big trades via brokers, like Gambit Research, a British operation that uses technology to place multiple smaller bets with a range of bookmakers. Asian agents, in particular, have made their names in that trade: many are able to channel sizeable bets to local bookies ...

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Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden has flutter at local bookies in aid of the Bobby Moore Fund - Gordon Marsden

Just curious, some of you may not want to go into much detail but how did you do it? I moved to our nations capital and would prefer a local vs online.
I often hear of people talking about their local bookies. I'm in a big Northeastern city so I know there's definitely action *somewhere*, but...
... kill you but not now . it's a paper write off yes there are some that will try to do something but do you really think they would risk losing everything for 1.000 but these gambler's should be shot if you lose pay up. gl and find a local like a lot of guys where saying go to a bar there are bookies there all the time.
I know a few bookies that are making a lot of money, my question is how do they report taxes and if they get caught is there jail time. With clients like you I'm sure your bookie is gonna have to fill out tax return form 1040 instead of form 1040A........LOL All accountants should be laughing out loud right now......

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Auld Ones S01E11 The Bookies

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Economic Development, Integration, and Morality in Asia and the Americas - Google Books

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According to the middleman, 2016 was one of his worst years in recent memory.
The typical teams will local bookies you.
They speculate that the repeal of PASPA — the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which limits sports-betting to Nevada and Delaware — is the likeliest route to future liberalisation, opening up potential intra-state markets.
The Westgate SuperBook lists to win a major in 2017.
He was 10-1 before that withdrawal, but Jeff Sherman, assistant manager at the Westgate SuperBook, bumped up his odds due to the new health concerns and his withdrawals from the next two tournaments.
During the interview, Rose offered some particularly strong words for those local bookies criticize his continued legal gambling on sports by stating the following.
Who am I hurting?
Tennis star Genie Bouchard lost a Super Bowl bet due to overconfidence that the Atlanta Falcons would finish off the Local bookies England Patriots.
On Wednesday night, she made good on that bet by taking the Patriots fan to a Nets game on Tuesday night at the Barclays Center.
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