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Typical home game tournaments will start with T5 or T25 as the small blind with starting chips ranging from T1000 to T10,000 or 50x to 100x the 1st round big blind amount. If you're starting with T5 for blinds the likelihood of needing a T5000 or even a T1000 chip is remote. A setup of T5, T25, T100 and ...
Most tournaments start with 50-100 big blinds. Anything around 200 big blinds is considered a "deep stack" tournament. Deep stack tournaments are considered to be full of skillful poker play and not just pushing your money all in before the flop. The latter occurs quickly in tournaments that start with less than 50 big blinds, ...
Let's consider a poker game that is only a tournament. This is the most common type of game that is being played in home games. Try to not think about just how many “chips” that a player starts with. You can have a player start with 100,000 chips but if the blinds are 1000/2000 in the first level they will have.

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How to Set Up a No Limit Hold’em Tournament in 5 Simple Pages

If you host a tournament where each player starts with 100 chips (T100) - your chip denominations should probably be 1, 2, 5, and 25. If you host a tournament where each player starts with 1000 chips - your chip denominations should probably be 5, 25, 100, and 500.
Starting Chips. When starting the tournament, make sure that each player has enough chips. Have at least 20 chips of smallest denomination. For example, when starting with $5000, your blinds start at $25-$50; have at least 20 green $25 chips.
For example, a typical 500-chip set may give you 300 white chips, 100 blue chips, and 100 red chips. You will always want to use the higher quantity chip (in this case, white) as the lowest denomination chip. You can check out my home poker game spreadsheet if you want a calculator to see how many of each chip you will ...
For a normal game of poker at home (6-10 players), it is recommended that you have a suitcase with 500 poker chips. For less than 6 players, you can use 300 chips, but remember that at some point you may want to invite more players or try rebuy tournaments. It is therefore not a bad idea to get a larger suitcase straight ...

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How Many Poker Chips?
The two key factors to take into consideration when putting together a poker chip set are: 1.
How many chips in total?
As a quick guide, we find that home poker starting chips average starting stack contains around 22-25 chips per player.
Recommended poker chip set size:4-5 players typically around - 150 chips 6-7 players typically around - 175 chips 7-8 players typically around - 200 chips 8-10 players You could consider adding a few '1,000', '5,000' or even '25,000' value chips?
We recommend you stick to 4-5 denominations source your main home game.
This can later be expanded upon with a dedicated lower value cash game set of another 3-4 alternate face value denominations.
Starting StackThe more chips each player has at the start of the game the more likely they will be to participate with a bet or a raise.
Players like a big stack and hate having to keep asking other players for change.
What is a 'Deep Stack'A deep stack poker game is when each player typically has a starting stack of 10,000 and above.
The best formula to calculate how many chips each player will need for a Deep Stack poker tournament is to home poker starting chips your starting big blind by 200.



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