California Continues Fight Against Sweepstakes Cafes

california sweepstakes cafe

amerICan gamIng aSSoCIatIon WHITE PAPER. 6. And an informal survey in North Carolina found 34 facilities with 1,140 computers, or an average of 34 computers per location.9 Law enforcement efforts have found Internet sweepstakes cafes operating in at least 20 other states, including Arkansas, California, Colorado, ...
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california A lawsuit which has been filed by the state of California against a Canadian supplier which provides software to local sweepstakes cafes, has received an extra boost with the news that Merced County has also joined in the fight. Reports say that the county has joined the lawsuit against the ...

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Sweepstakes cafe system and software by River in California

Small Californian gambling hubs disguised as cafes are drawing the attention of authorities.
Computerized "sweepstakes" games offered at special Internet cafes are the equivalent of slot machines that are illegal under state law, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday.
The ruling of the Californian Supreme Court to outlaw Sweepstakes Cafes could have implications for the future of online gambling in the Golden State. For almost a decade Internet cafes in California have been offering sweepstakes games to customers who do not have the funds or the means to travel to ...
A sweepstakes parlor (or sweepstakes café) is an establishment that gives away chances to win prizes with the purchase of a product or service, typically internet access or telephone cards. They began to appear in the Southern United States some time around 2005, and quickly proliferated. Purchased entries are.

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Internet Sweepstakes Cafe Owner

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Internet sweepstakes cafes shut down in California – The Mercury News

California Internet Sweepstakes Cafe - YouTube

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In each case, a customer who purchased internet time or a phone card also received points based on the amount paid.
The businesses promoted their products with sweepstakes giveaways implemented through software preloaded onto each computer terminal in the cafe or phone card store.
Customers used the points they received from purchases to play casino type games, like video slot machines, to more info prizes.
Customers were not charged for internet or computer time while they played the games.
The potential prize pool was determined by how many points a customer used on each game — generally, the more points, the higher the potential reward.
The customer could choose the method of revealing the predetermined result — either by viewing a card or a slot machine interface, or by simply hitting a reveal button california sweepstakes cafe bypassed the interface altogether and simply revealed the result.
In any case, the result was the same regardless of how the customer chose california sweepstakes cafe reveal the result, which could not be changed no matter how the game was played or not.
Non-paying customers could also california sweepstakes cafe the games free of charge by either mailing in a request or signing a form in the store — although both occurrences were rare.
The decision has potentially far reaching implications for advertisers and their California clients.
For example, McDonalds' Monopoly game could come under scrutiny because it contains some, if not all, of the elements of the illegal sweepstakes california sweepstakes cafe, including: the game 1 rewards purchasers of usable products McDonalds' food items2 with cash and other valuable prizes to users and 3 does so by arranging or prearranging winning entries in a manner that is unpredictable to the customer.



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